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Who Is Real Property Investments ?

  • Real Estate Investment Specialists and Wealth Builders
  • Facilitators of a top Real Estate Investing Networking Group
  • Speaker
  • Author of Real Estate Mistakes
  • Radio & TV Personality
  • Philanthropists

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“RPI is a home I can go to, to obtain the best up to date information on Real Estate. Its where I also network with like minded individuals with similar goals. Since I joined in June 2017, I have acquired tremendous knowledge on the industry. It has opened my eyes to the unlimited opportunities available. With the support of Monika and Vaughan, I am now working towards making my Real Estate dreams a reality. I am happy to be a member of RPI!”



“If you’re simply looking for a get rich quick scheme, or a no-money down opportunity, you should look elsewhere. But if you’re wanting to gain laser focused clarity surrounding your “why” for investing, if you want help with choosing an appropriate investment strategy for that “why”, and if you would benefit from support with setting reasonable/achievable/measurable goals and implementation, you owe it to yourself to get in touch with RPI.”
-Allan G


“Monika and Vaughan with Real Property Investments have helped grow my portfolio and aided in my development from a novice to an expert real estate investor. Real Property Investment’s monthly meetup group, has provided me the opportunity to learn from other investors while networking and growing my investment team. I would recommend Real Property Investments for anyone looking to start in real eatate investing or for the seasoned investor wanting to take their business to the next level”

– Scott J


“Using RP Investments,I was able to realize two great investments within months of each other.
This has been a fantastic learning experience. Monika has been great at responding to my emails with details and directions as to what next steps are necessary and who I should connect with along the way.”

– Jasmine R


“I have been working with Real Property Investments for the past 6 months and I can thankfully say in this time I have purchased not only my first rental property in Windsor, but also will be closing on my second property next month! RPI had everything in place for me and I was provided with an agent, financing, property inspection, lawyer, and property manager all directly within their team and network. It took the guess work completely out of the equation and was a one stop shop for everything I needed to complete the deal.. I am extremely thankful to RPI for making this such a smooth and hassle free process for me”
– Zeshan C

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